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Further Information

For further information about MOHID Studio please contact:

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System Requirements

This document explains how to install MOHID Studio step-by-step. Before start with the installation the user should ensure that all the system requires are fulfilled (check requirements on the Table 1).

Component Requirements
Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8, Server or later</font>
Processor 1.8 GHz or faster processor
Memory 2GB of RAM
Disk Space[1] 500 MB
Display Resolution 1280x1024 or higher resolution
Display Colour Depth 32 bits
Additional Software Micrososf.NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft Excel 2007 or later [Optional]
Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 or later [Optional]

Table 1 : System Minimum Requirements.

MOHID Studio requires the .NET Framework 4.0, full version, to be installed on your system[2].

To import values from a XLS file to MOHID Studio a version of Microsoft Excel is required. The version recommended is Microsoft Excel 2007 (or later), though MOHID Studio also imports values from Microsoft Excel 97-2003. To display the values from database as a report (on screen or to print) your system will also need the Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 or later. We recommend the use of Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 (download it from

Action Server

Install Action Server

The Action Server installation is a simple 5 step wizard installation. All the steps are represented in the figures from this subsection.

Step 1 – Welcome

The welcome installation wizard setup is presented to the user. Press the next button to continue (represented in Figure 1).

Coastal Risk - Instalation and User Guide 11.png
Figure 1 : Action Server installation: step 1.

Step 2 – License Agreement

The Action Server license agreement is presented to the user. After read it and accept the license agreement, press the next button to continue (represented in Figure 2).

Coastal Risk - Instalation and User Guide 12.png
Figure 2: Action Server installation: step 2.

Step 3 – Custom Setup

In this step the user can select the plugins to add into Action Server. A list of plugins is presented, as represented in Figure 3. As an example for the ARCOPOL+ installation the plugins required are: "Coastal Risk Calculator", "Maretec Data Downloader" and "Vessel Position Tracker".

To install one plugin, press the image before the plugin and a menu will appear (represented in Figure 4). To make one plugin available choose the first option: "Will be installed on local hard drive". To make a plugin unavailable choose the last option: "Entire feature will be unavailable".

Coastal Risk - Instalation and User Guide 13.png
Figure 3 4 3: Action Server installation: step 3.
Coastal Risk - Instalation and User Guide 14.png
Figure 4: Action Server installation: step 3a.

Step 4 – Installation

Action Server is now ready to install. Press the Install button to continue (represented in Figure 5). This step might need Administration privileges.

Coastal Risk - Instalation and User Guide 15.png
Figure 5 : Action Server installation: step 4.

Step 5 – Installation complete

Action Server installation was completed with success (represented in Figure 6). Action Server is now installed and available on your start menu. The MOHID Studio is installed in your program files folder:

32 bits CPU: C:\Program Files\Action Modulers\Action Server
64 bits CPU: C:\Program Files (x86)\Action Modulers\ Action Server

Coastal Risk - Instalation and User Guide 16.png
Figure 6 : Action Server installation: step 5.

For more information about Action Server please read the Action Server User Guide.


  1. – Disk Space required by MOHID Studio only. The disk space requited for additional software and projects is not included.
  2. .NET Framework 4.0 will be installed, if necessary, automatically by the MOHID Studio installer. It is also possible to download from the Microsoft Website:


Installation Guides

Coastal Risk

Action Server User Guide.