MOHID Studio Settings

The Administration menu (see Figure 1) is the place where it is possible to change all types of MOHID Studio configurations. On the "License Manager" group it is possible to register, request and validate your MOHID Studio license.

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Figure 1 : Administration Tab.

The "MOHID Studio Settings" contains several buttons to configure the basic settings of your MOHID Studio. On the button "General", on MOHID Studio Setting group from the Administration menu (see Figure 1), is possible to change the paths of MOHID Studio’s executable files, the output directories and some of MOHID Studio interface options. The "Reset Database" button resets the MOHID Studio database. All the data will be erased from your MOHID Studio database (example: monitoring stations, time series, parameters, etc.). After reset the database, it is not possible to restore/recover the previous database and all the data will be lost.

Through the "MOHID Studio Help" is possible to get information about your MOHID Studio version, get help from your MOHID Studio manual and it is also possible to request professional help for your MOHID Studio version. Help can be also found on the internet or in our site – check "Links" group at the menu "Home" in MOHID Studio User Guide.


In Gerneral Configuration window it is possible to set the paths to model executables, default folders (to start the browse dialogs) and other general options (Figure 2 where a new development was made to shutdown OpenGL graphic rendering in order to MOHID Studio may work in Virtual Machines or Remote Desktop sessions with not dedicated graphic card. The downside of this options is that is still not possible to render drainage network layers.

Studio2016 19.png
Figure 2 : General Settings Window.

License Management

The License Manager allows the user to request or/and validate the license for MOHID Studio.

Follow License Management to know more about licensing in MOHID Studio

Log File

Log file allows to configure automatic send of MOHID Studio log by email to Action Modulers, for debugging purposes (Figure 3)

Log file.png
Figure 3 : Log Settings Window.

Action Server

Action server allows to configure multiple servers running Action Server service that can send model results through "Action Server" tools (Figure 4)

Action Server.png
Figure 4 : Action Server Window.

Edit Action Server.png
Figure 5 : Action Server Properties.


Opens Action Modules support page (Figure 6)

Figure 6 : Support.


Open MOHID Studio User Guide (Figure 7)

Figure 7 : Help.


Shows MOHID Studio version (Figure 8)

Figure 8 : About MOHID Studio.


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