The "Home" ribbon menu (see Figure 1) is the first menu displayed by MOHID Studio and helps you to get started with the application. This menu is divided into two distinct groups: "Workspace" and "Links".

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Figure 1 : Home menu.

The "Workspace" group allows to use workspaces very quick (learn how to use workspaces in subsection below).

The "Links" group contains a variety of links where it is possible to find some help with the MOHID community (MOHID Homepage, MOHID Forum, MOHID Wiki and MOHID Studio Homepage). Also the link to the "Start" page where files and workspaces can be loaded from files or from Action Modulers server.


Introduction to Workspaces

Workspaces allow storing the state of MOHID Studio between two consecutive work sessions. For this, the workspace keeps track of the current open solution (see Project Management) and loaded layers.

Workspaces: Open and Save

MOHID Studio does not have an explicit way to create a workspace. After MOHID Studio starts the Workspace Manager window will appear on your screen (as shown in Figure 2). You might select an empty workspace or load an existing workspace.

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Figure 2 : Create a new workspace or load an existing one.

When a workspace is closed (by closing MOHID Studio or when another solution or workspace is opened) a window will appear asks if the user wants to save the current workspace, as shown in Figure 3.

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Figure 3 : Save workspace on program exit.

Workspaces can be changed or saved at any time during a session. To create a new workspace or to open another workspace, press Open in "Workspace" group from menu Home (see Figure 1). To save the current workspace press button Save in "Workspace" from the same Home menu.

Workspaces: Managing

Managing workspaces involves renaming and deleting existing workspaces. To manage the workspaces select "Manage" (from the group "Workspace" in the menu "Home" (see Figure 1). The Workspace Manager will appear (like the one on Figure 4) and the user can easily manage your MOHID Studio Workspaces. To rename a workspace just press the "Rename" button after selecting the Workspace to rename. The name of the workspace must be unique.

To delete a workspace, first select the workspace to delete on the list of Manage Workspace (see Figure 4), then press the "Remove" button. The workspace only can be removed it is closed. The current workspace cannot be removed.

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Figure 4 : Managing Workspaces.


Here you have the most important links to give you help and support.

MOHID Homepage

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Mohid Forum.png

MOHID Studio Support

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MOHID Studio Home

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Mohid Wiki.png




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