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The objective of this wiki is to provide up-to-date material concerning the use of our products in a constantly evolving tool that adapts to user needs and difficulties.

Here the user can find support and detailed information about the several Action Modulers products namely documentation and FAQ's.

The user can find documentation adapted for first-time users from the first step of installing the software, to user guides for the user to get around the tools organization and capabilities and to first examples of MOHID models implementations or quick-start guides.

MOHID Studio

MOHID Studio is a graphical user interface for the MOHID Water Modelling System [1]. With MOHID Studio you can use MOHID Numerical Engines (MOHID Water and MOHID Land models) from inside a user friendly environment, managing all tasks required in order to prepare, execute and analyze results of numerical simulations done by MOHID Numerical Engines.

MOHID Studio is an integrated system which permits to manage and edit data files, create and launch simulations and analyze model results. Map data can be displayed through an integrated GIS system and time series data can be displayed in an integrated graph visualization engine. A set of tools allows the user to create and pre-process MOHID data files. A special module allows managing data from field campaigns and/or automatic stations. MOHID Studio also offers the possibility to convert data among a set of common formats and MOHID internal formats. All features of MOHID Studio are described along this user guide.


MOHID Studio is designed in a modular infraestructure where new plugins may be added, usually appearing as new customized menus and tools.

MOHID Studio Professional version is installed with "Environmental Monitoring" plugin that allows the user to manage field data campaign and store values in databases being accessible for visualization and export.

Other existing plugins are the:

  • "Operation Modelling" plugin that allows to make MOHID Studio projects operational using boundary conditions provided by any other operational model.
  • "Model Simulation" plugin to manage operational models for new model simulations (e.g. spill simulations using operational model results).
  • "Oil Mapping" that allows to manage oil spill simulations (from meteorology and hydrodynamic results recorded) and store results in database format just as the Operational Modelling.
  • "Coastal Risk" that allows to compute costal risk associated to vessel traffic computed from defined probability of incident (using real-time vessel position) and defined coastal vunerabilities (environmental, socio-economic and ecological). Since this tool needs to process a huge amounts of information (vessel traffic and simulations) that may be tranversal to several users it is used the Action Server as support (see below and follow Coastal Risk User Guide for further instructions on how to use it).
  • "Risk Management" that allows to manage early warning systems, like flood warning.
  • "Nearhshore Simulator Plugin" to couple in real-time MOHID Water and SWAN models for coastal simulations.

Other plugins may be developed in the nearly future to respond to user specific needs.

Action Server

Action Server is a background sevice that connects the user to the Action Modulers infraestructure to provide advanced services and support. The Action Server integrates data storage and modelling tools that may be tansversal to several user services.

An example of this service is the automatic loading of layers and projects in MOHID Studio start page (from v 2.0 on) so that the user can use online up-to-date examples of maps and MOHID sample projects. This feature is standard in MOHID Studio and does not need any further installation.

Other example of this service is the backround service for "Coastal Risk" tool that handles all the vessel traffic and simulations that may be tranversal to several users. Follow Coastal Risk User Guide for further instructions on how to use it. This tool needs to have Action Server Installed as a service in the user computer.

Other Action Server services may be integrated in the near future to respond to user specific needs.

Modelling examples

Below is shown a simple gallery of images as examples of MOHID Studio and Action Server utilization in the main areas of implementation (waterhsed model, estuarine model, coastal risk assesment and meteorology handling (e.g. for modelling forcing)).

On mouse over there is a short description of the image.

Some video examples of the type of results obtained with MOHID Studio and Action Server are below (for more examples refer to Action Modulers Videos).

Urban Flood Modelling - Lisbon

This animation shows results from a 100 year flood in Lisbon. MOHID Land was set up for the basin the drains to center of Lisbon with a high resolution computational mesh (grid size < 5m). Infiltration was calculated from soil characteristics and soil sealing was estimated from exiting building and streets, using detailed information provided by the City of Lisbon. MOHID Land was connected, using OpenMI, to the SWMM model. Inflow into the sewer system is modeled through street gutters and return flow from SWMM to MOHID Land occurs through manholes. Colors in this animation show the water depth along time. All preprocessing and post processing was performed with MOHID Studio.

Lisbon downtown inundation area for 100 years return period

Marine Traffic & Hydrodynamics - Portuguese Coast

This animation shows marine traffic and hydrodynamics in front of the Southern Portuguese Coast. Hydrodynamic results were obtained from the operational model for the Portuguese Coast [3]. Data download is processed by Action Server and data visualization is performed by a special plugin for MOHID Studio (Coastal Risk).

Marine Traffic for Risk Assessment

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